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There's a part of me that believes the Boyfriend would grow on the Dad as time went on.

It's like "hey, my daughter is dating a musician, he's lyrically talented, and he kind of reminds me of when I was younger."

Congratulations on becoming one of the fastest spreading memes of 2021.

This is pretty silly.

I like it.

Really high quality snake animation, too. That caught my eye.

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This is a pretty great, weird game.

Very graphically appealing. Morbid, bright, very active. A lot going on.

Just distracting enough to be really interesting; like an arcade game.

Great sound design, loved the music.

Overall a stellar game.

This game had no business being this good.

Despite being short and a little simplistic with it's graphics, I really enjoyed the gameplay and the vague story being told here.

I'd be all-in for a Roguelike long version of this game.

This is a pretty strange but novel game.

I like it a lot.

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I enjoy this. Gives me serious "VGM" vibes.

Reminds me of wandering through a robot city or something.

Dynamic0 responds:

Do you think I should do more songs like that?

It starts off kind of underwhelming but it picks up in a big way.

I enjoy the kind of free-form techno sound you were going for here.

Jeansowaty responds:

I know! That's because the first 1:30 was made when I was drunk and I didn't even know what the hell I was doing lol. But I liked the beginning part enough to turn it into a proper track. Thanks for the feedback :)

Very pretty. Nice use of bass.

Nice chill theme to this.

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Very nice.

Love the way you detailed the leather jacket.

The texture, for some odd reason, reminds me of a dollar bill.

Wilieu responds:

i see the similarities with other notes here too, the fine patterns i suppose

Super chill.

I write, program, draw, and I occasionally make music.
Mostly I'm just trying to enjoy life while it's still mine to live.

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